About Us

Welcome to my store! A little about me, as a previous bartender in the midwest I always had loads of cash and would spend every penny not knowing what happened and how could I possibly be accumulating more debt. I struggled for years before I actually starting budgeting and taking control. I found the cash budgeting system like many do by listening to Dave Ramsey and following the steps. I believe the envelopes saved my life! I was on a mission to be debt free and tell everyone about cash budgeting. This all led me to Creating Staci. 

I wanted to create variety of designs and styles of budgeting items to fit everyones needs. Whether you love colorful vibrant designs or prefer the matte simple look. I wanted to have items to motivate and inspire others to save money. 

Our collections include a variety of cash envelopes to suit your needs, from the compact mini cash envelopes to the A5 cash envelopes. We also offer Placeholders and other budgeting essentials to help you stay organized and meet your goals.

We believe that budgeting should be simple and effective. Our products are designed to help you stay on track with your financial goals, whether you're saving for a rainy day or a special purchase. Join us on the journey to financial freedom!